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Hi There, I’m Coach Kiana!

Kiana is our monthly subscription coach here at Team Thrive Athletics. She too is a military spouse and mother to two cats and a dog! She discovered her passion for fitness and weight lifting during her early college years. However, at the time being relatively new to this lifestyle and naïve to the nutritional aspect, things were taken to the extreme. She says, “As with most women out there, I really struggled with my personal body image. These struggles eventually led to unhealthy levels. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I learned from those experiences and have learned to adapt from them. I know the struggle of loving yourself and I want to help other women find that love and pride in themselves and their progress.”  She has since developed a healthy relationship with food, all thanks to Coach Emily here at TTA. 

In 2016 she graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Exercise Physiology. In 2017 she obtained her Personal Training Certification through ACE prior to her official shift in gear to the life of a military spouse. Although the next few years were packed full of moving and adjusting to life in new locations around the world, her dedication to fitness did not stop. Throughout all those years spent in the gym, she dreamed of competing, but struggled with how to make that a reality. That's when she came across Team Thrive Athletics! Dreams became reality in November 2022 when she walked across the stage at the Tokyo Amateur Olympia, thanks to the coaching and guidance of Coach Kristin & Coach Emily. She says, “The moment I walked out onto that stage, I felt a confidence take over me. I felt at home. I knew at that point competing snatched a special place in my heart and I wanted to walk across that stage again.”  

In regards to her coaching she says, “I want to show women that they are strong, beautiful, and capable of anything. I want to help women build healthy relationships with the gym and show them that despite those doubts, progress can be made.” 

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology

Master of Science in Biology

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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