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Hi There, I’m Coach Emily!

Emily is Co-Owner of and Head Nutrition coach at Team Thrive Athletics. She is a military spouse and mother to three kids and one pup. She has always been fascinated with nutrition. Through her journey with countless “diets”, due to her struggles with her relationship with food and body image, she ultimately found bodybuilding and it changed her life. She now has what she can proudly say is a very healthy relationship with food and feels incredibly empowered by what her body and mind are capable of. She’s on a mission at Team Thrive Athletics to help guide women through their own version of this journey and to THRIVE on stage! 

In 2012  she graduated from the University of Vermont’s dietetics department. She obtained her personal training certificate in 2016 and has worked in various gyms while collecting multiple certifications since. 

Her passion for the sport of bodybuilding started in 2018 when she competed in her first figure competition at the JBLM base show. She was instantly hooked - the work it took to get there and the moment where it all got to shine, was intoxicating. She has been competing since in both the US NPC league and, while stationed in Okinawa, Japan, the Japanese FWJ NPC worldwide federation. She won the figure division all around and her IFBB pro card at the Amateur Olympia Japan under the guidance of IFBB Pro Laurin Conrad and Team Locofit. 

She is beyond excited to bring her experience and skills to Team Thrive Athletics. 

In her words, “Team Thrive Athletics is designed to be a resource to help you thrive within your life and within the sport of bodybuilding. We are here to help, but the hard work and the successes that follow are yours to earn and own ♥️”.


Bachelors of Science in Dietetics

SNA Certified Sports Nutritionist

Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist 

IFBB Figure Pro

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