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Our 4 Phase Coaching Approach 
To Thriving as a Competitor!

Below you will find a quick synopsis of the fundamentals to each phase. These phases are designed so that through them we can create a plan best suited to your needs and your goals, allowing you to sustainably THRIVE as a bodybuilder and/or as a competitor. 

Phase 1 - Onboarding And Foundations - designed for beginners

-Establish starting nutritional and training literacy

-Lay adoptable foundational lifestyle habits

-Acclimation phase of training

-Weekly check ins

-Lasts ~3 months 


Phase 2 - Body Recomp 

-Controlled Catabolic Phases to grow favorable muscle while loosing fat

-Learn to harness YOUR mind muscle connection within training sessions

-Learn to master nutritional targets

-Weekly check ins

-Lasts ~3 months


Phase 3 - Build

-Optimized Anabolic Phases to gain toned muscle mass

-Metabolic assessments to keep metabolism primed

-Learn to train HARD and SMART

-Weekly check ins

-Lasts ~3 months

Phase 4 - Competition Prep

*In order for us to accept you into our show prep plan - you must...

-have graduated or assessed out of the three phases above and therefor...

    -you can consistently follow a routine

    -the majority of your nutrition and training actions are second nature to you 

    -you are ready for increased intensity 

-Competition dates planned

-Personalized show cut to optimize YOUR competition experience

-MANDATORY weekly check ins

-2 week "Peak Week" 


-Recovery to bring you back to a healthy and fully thriving lifestyle

-Lasts 4+months

All coaching services are run through our customized Team App ! 


Coaching Monthly

  • Access to personalized app for all coaching needs

  • Personalized nutrition & training

  • Weekly coaching check-ins with feedback via app 

  • Access to private community facebook group

  • Support & guidance for all things "Show Day"

  • 2 FREE posing sessions in-person or virtual. Additional sessions available for purchase at a discounted $ for current clients!

  • FREE posing clinics when they are offered!

I'm ready! ...

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We are currently working on rebuilding our website - you will notice photos watermarked with our old TTA logo!

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Team Thrive Athletics Coaching and it's Coaches are not physicians or registered dietitians. Our coaching (nutrition and training) recommendations should not be taken as medical advice. The information and guidance provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition – nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional for medical advice concerning medical conditions.

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